Who we are

The Eating Disorders team consists of highly specialist clinicians including a Consultant Psychiatrist, Consultant Nurse, Nurse Therapists, Clinical Psychologists, Dietitians and Family Therapists.


Care Co-ordinator

Your Care Co-ordinator is the person responsible for ensuring that your needs are identified and care is planned effectively. They are responsible for communicating with everyone involved in your care and ensuring that you get the care that you need. This may be the person you met when you were assessed or it may be your therapist, doctor or other professional involved in your treatment.


Nursing Staff

Our nursing staff are qualified psychiatric nurses who also have experience and training in both the assessment and treatment of individuals suffering with eating disorders. They also have additional training/experience in counselling and psychotherapy.
You may see one of our senior nurses when you are first referred to our service for assessment. You may see a nurse therapist for therapy.


Medical Staff

Our medical staff consists of a Consultant Psychiatrist, Associate Specialist and Senior House Officer. A psychiatrist is a doctor who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of people who are mentally ill. 

You may be referred to one of our doctors for assessment, or if you need medication prescribing, or you may see one of our doctors for therapy.



Clinical Psychologists have special training in psychology (the study of human behaviour and the mind) and in mental health. Psychologists have skills in the assessment and treatment of mental illness and psychological problems.



Their aim is to help you develop attitudes and knowledge that allows you to make healthy changes to your eating and weight. To achieve this dietitians offer nutritional education and advice on the appropriate way to make changes to your eating pattern and to your food choices that are realistic to you.